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Welcome to Nature’s GR8 Coconut where we think coconut is—guess what—great! What we love most about coconut is what a versatile food it is. Eaten fresh or dried, it’s naturally sweet and delicious. But eating coconut from the shell is only the start. Many people don’t realize how many products are made from coconut. In fact, we may not even know all the products because manufacturers and smart foodies are learning new ways to use coconut every day. One product everyone  knows about by now is coconut oil. The Medium Chain Triglycerides and bountiful antioxidants in coconut oil have earned it a place on the list of super foods. Delicious coconut oil can help balance cholesterol ratios, improve blood sugar levels, help with weight loss, fight infection and boost the immune system. But oil isn’t the only gift that comes from coconuts.

From Coconut Cider Vinegar to Low-Glycemic Sweetener

The list of yummy things that are made from coconuts is a long one. Vinegar, butter, sweeteners, flour, jam, syrup and hair and body care products are just the start of the list. To make things even better, all the food stuffs made from coconuts are naturally gluten free. People are excited to learn more about coconut products because they’re often healthier than their grain or animal-based comparisons.  And we’re excited to help.

At Nature’s GR8 Coconut we love the innovative uses of coconut. Products like coconut jam and coconut cider vinegar expand the number of ways people can include coconut in their daily diet. Many of your favorite recipes can be even better with the addition of flavorful and healthful coconut foods. If you’re already using coconut oil that’s great—or should we say GR8? But as good as it is, oil is only the beginning of your culinary adventure with the wonderful coconut. Expand your repertoire and your pantry to make everything GR8-er with coconut!

Nature’s GR8 Coconut is a website dedicated to helping people live healthier lives by including the delicious coconut into their everyday diet. Coconuts and the products they provide have a long history of sustaining people who are fortunate enough to live in tropical regions. Coconut water, precious coconut oil and even unusual foods like coconut cider vinegar have not only helped island cultures survive, but thrive with a healthy and tasty diet.

Our website promotes living life to the fullest with natural and nutritious foods to help along the way. It’s no wonder coconut, a true super-food, is at the top of our list.

Coconut Cider Vinegar and Other Amazing Foods

We’re not into trends or hype here at Nature’s GR8 Coconut. We understand that no matter what the health and diet marketers are promoting on any given day, it’s sunshine, exercise and good food that keeps our bodies strong. You won’t find us shouting about “new discoveries” unless they are discoveries showing that science has finally caught up to what people have known for decades. Like the discovery that the antioxidants in coconut oil help fight aging of the skin. People living in tropical regions have known that’s true for generations! Or that fermented foods like coconut cider vinegar provide healthy bacteria for digestion.

Our team at Nature’s GR8 Coconut may seem a bit old fashioned by not jumping on every food trend, but we’ve discovered some of those old fashioned ways really are best. Nature is great. And the more we return to a natural way of living, the healthier we’ll be. So join us as we discover all the amazing coconut has to offer. From head to toe, inside and out, coconut and coconut products can help us feel better, look better, lose weight, gain energy and provide vital nutrition we need to fight disease. And all while keeping it natural!