3 Quick Ways to 6-Pack Those Abs

coconut oil


Nobody can blame you if you feel bad about your bulging stomach that seems to have acquired a life all its own. However, don’t you think it’s high time those friends of yours who taunt you “Mr. Preggy” stop their nonsense? With some lifestyle changes, a little help from unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil, you should be on your way in no time at all.

  1. Right Exercise

To hasten the formation of those ever-sought 6-pack, you need to exercise. Plain and simple. Anybody who’s going to tell you, watching TV all day is going to cut it is lying.

Exercise speeds things up. It increases the calories you burn, calories that if unused by your body turns to stored fat. Moreover, you build muscle with the right exercise. This enhances your body’s metabolism helping you burn more fat even faster – so reveals Jane Kirby of The American Dietetic Association.

To make it work, you need to do exercise right. Running and swimming maybe a good form of cardio to start with. Still, you have to consult a doctor to ensure you’re not in any danger of muscular fatigue or any untoward bodily reaction should you overwork yourself. Also, it’s best to pair up with a personal trainer to get things going your way.

  1. Right Foods

The greater part of your desire to cut an Adonis figure is diet. Exercise can help but it’s just 10% of the game. Without proper diet you’re bound to boost your stomach’s expansive nature. As pundits put it, you’re assured 90% to succeed if you factor that right diet in.

This is where coconut oil stands most useful to you as a superfood. Daily intake should ensure you’re getting enough energy to last your day and beyond. Most importantly, you get to burn those belly fast faster than otherwise, al thanks to MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) in the heavenly oil.

The trick is not just to add coconut oil in your diet; rather for best results, replace “other sources of fat” with it, Authority Nutrition emphasizes.

  1. Right Mindset

You got to pour yourself into it. Without consistent effort, you’d be yo-yoing yourself from fit to fat in months. Even if you’ve snatched those washboards abs for yourself, keeping them is another story.

This means that incorporating lifestyle changes is key to being fit and fab. The good news is exercise and proper diet, especially with coconut oil on the table, can be part of your daily habit with practice.

So keep those Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson poster in your bedroom and always be headstrong! Shun people who don’t match your lifestyle. The right company should get you there faster.

Always remember, what your mind can conceive, your body will achieve.



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